You can’t fully know yourself until you know where you come from.

A human being isn’t an individual phenomenon but the latest installment of a long, long story – the story that makes us who we are, that reveals so much about what we can become, and enables us to pass this treasure to our children and their children.

What People Are Saying

"It’ll change everything you thought you knew about yourself."

"Nothing changes, yet everything changes."

"It was life-changing. That may sound dramatic, but it was. A shift in consciousness."

"The U.S. as a nation really needs Genealogica."

"You truly excavate the very essence of a family!"

"You won't just discover your past for the first time - you’ll give your whole existence new context and meaning."

What We Do

For the first time – and not just for celebrities – the team behind the critically acclaimed television series Who Do You Think You Are? researches your family history.

If you wish to experience your family history first-hand, please call us directly to discuss a wholly bespoke and immersive experience.

Getting Started

We begin with a quick  phone call or meeting with you and, should you wish, your family, to develop a sense of what you know, what you don’t know, what you’d like to discover, and who in your family might hold key records, photographs, and documentation.

Researching Your Family History

After the initial conversation, we begin research in earnest and require no further interaction with you or your family. Families, however, often have their own self-styled family historian who can be incredibly helpful to us and with whom we are delighted to collaborate. We pay special attention to the documentation and records that best highlight not only where your ancestors were from, but who they really were. Once research is complete, we prepare and deliver your family history according to your wishes.

Why Now?

You won’t just discover your past for the first time, you’ll give your whole existence new context and meaning, and find yourself thinking in a new way about how to spend the rest of your days in a fulfilling way. It’s about your legacy – to yourself, your family, your world. As Winston Churchill says, “The further back you can look, the further forward you are likely to see.”

The Team

Our History

At the heart of Genealogica is the world’s best family history research and story-telling team. Over the past five years – working with high-profile individuals such as Cindy Crawford, Lionel Richie, Rob Lowe, Vanessa Williams, Kim Cattrall, Martin Sheen and Gwyneth Paltrow – we produced 35 episodes of the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series Who Do You Think You Are?

After undertaking extensive research into their family histories, we took participants on tailor-made explorations of their roots – visiting countries as diverse as Benin, Germany, Barbados, Italy, Latvia, England, Cameroon, Bulgaria and the USA – and we provided them with educational and emotional insights into their own ancestries. With a clearer understanding of the past, it helped many of them to make sense of the present and to prepare for their own and their families’ futures.

The Stories

Documenting family triumph and tragedy
Unearthing colonial American roots
Revealing immigrant ties
Helping African Americans trace their families through slavery
Reconnecting families around the world
Uncovering noble and royal lineages
Reuniting families separated by the Holocaust
Developing 40+ generation pedigrees
Tracking down veterans and military heroes
Proving Native American heritage
Finding abolitionists and early civil rights leaders
Decoding family records
Establishing Mayflower ancestry
Identifying Daughters of the American Revolution

What We Offer

Your Family Encyclopedia

Your Family Encyclopedia provides you with an extensive and detailed examination of your family history.  Over an average period of six months, we research your family history, following leads wherever in the world they take us. We then gather together the entire collection of documents and records we’ve unearthed, write the story of your family’s history, and place it all within your uniquely designed Family Encyclopedia. Your bespoke Encyclopedia is delivered to you within 10 to 12 months of engagement at a cost of $250,000.

Because we truly understand the intrinsic value of thoroughly understanding your family history, it has become our passion to research it exhaustively, record it and preserve it in whichever way you choose so you can pass it on to future generations. For those wishing to explore their family history through a journey, a filmed journey, or by other means, please contact us.

The Questions

How much time will I need to dedicate to this process?

30 minutes is usually plenty of time to get us started; beyond that, we shouldn’t need anything else from you. There is at least one person in nearly every family who is the keeper of the family records, photos, stories, documents and the oral history and we are always delighted to work with them as we research. In many cases it has proven to be extremely helpful. Beyond that, as we’re researching, you’ll only hear from us when we send you a report of our progress.

What makes Genealogica different from doing online genealogy research?

You can certainly do genealogical research online or through other outlets, but you will mostly find names, dates and other information without context. You will also discover that only a fraction of family history and genealogy records exist online – the majority of documentation hidden around the world is in esoteric record houses such as, but not limited to, the following: local archives, universities, museums, churches, courthouses and private collections. Our investigation targets the unique and personal documentation found in those record houses and covers lost family letters, heirlooms, farm ledgers, news articles, paintings, military medals. These types of treasures cannot be found online; thanks to our extensive experience and creative approach to genealogy, our results are truly unrivaled.

What's the difference between working with Genealogica and working with a traditional genealogist?

We work with internationally renowned professional genealogists, but our work doesn’t stop there. Our network encompasses many of the world’s leading archivists, historians, and experts. This collaboration places your ancestry in a truly global context and plants your family firmly in the annals of world history. In addition, our contextual research illuminates the complexity of your ancestors’ identities and conveys greater meaning to their achievements.

What if I already have some research on my family?

We can absolutely use the research that has been done on your family, but we will use our research methods to verify it. All too often, genealogical connections that families have thought to be true for years turn out not to be.

Can you avoid researching sensitive topics?

When you enlist our services, you can ask us to avoid researching or sharing any subjects, people or family lines that you prefer to leave alone. Our sole aim is to provide information and experiences that are valuable to you and your family.

How does payment work?

We discuss a payment schedule with each client, depending on the service they desire


For more information on how Genealogica can help you discover your family’s past, please contact us.

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